3Dimensions Living,LLC

3Dimensions Living coaching philosophy

Holistic Whole person coaching to maximize human and organizational potential by optimizing passion, purpose and performance across professional and personal dimensions using the head, heart and gut brains/intelligence. 


It draws from a multidisciplinary array of fields, combining insights from psychology, sociology, education, health and wellness, business, spirituality, communication, neuroscience, behavioral economics, personal development, and the human potential movement.

PASSION ---------------- PURPOSE -------------- PERFORMANCE

Professional Dimension

  • career goals & development
  • career transitions
  • skills development
  • performance
  • leadership

Personal Dimension

  • health and wellness
  • relationships
  • personal growth
  • work-life balance
  • life transitions

Head Brain (Creativity/The How) ----------- Heart Brain (Passion/The Why) ---------- Gut Brain (Courage/The What)

Source: 3DimensionsLiving LLC

We work with our clients during the introductory session to find the best framework that resonates with them that will enable them to achieve their goals and objectives.

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